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The Parables is a new series of short films about real life, modern day issues (i.e. family, social, political, etc), but with an underlying message.  Some films may mirror a few Biblical tales, but we are not trying to be classified as Christian or religious films.  Our main mission is to produce secular, uplifting films that every person from all walks of life, backgrounds or religions, can relate to and enjoy.


Each film will be submitted to the Film Festivals to have a bigger audience and then they will be compiled on a DVD or streamed on YouTube. We also want to help and give back to Non-Profit Organizations that bring awareness to these specific issues.


As you can see, with all the different stories and problems we all go through in this life, The Parables 2020 A.D. will be an "infinite" source of short films that will just grow over time.


We are an Indie friendly production company that is focused on producing quality films. By taking advantage of all the multiple 4K cameras available, while sticking to old school guerrilla tactics, including collaboration with other filmmakers helps us produce our projects on a low budget. We are laid back, but we do believe in a professional attitude along with business and marketing strategies.


Our main mission is to produce films with a message and strong story lines. We also like to target those issues that Hollywood likes to stay away from. What is considered controversial to the mainstream is a green-lit project for us. We still love to do fun and smaller projects, which will not only keep us working, but will help us perfect our skills and build our reels.


We welcome ALL filmmakers, actors, models, musicians, and artists that believe in the same cause and have similar endeavors. Not to mention, we are open to students and non-experienced people to come join us. Not only does it help us grow, but it helps you gain the knowledge and experience to become better filmmakers. 



2020 A.D.
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